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Unabashed Girlishness: Fall Fashions

There’s one major reason that I love fall “fashion” every year: Security blankets. All summer long, I enjoy wearing tank tops and flip flops. But deep down, I hate being exposed. I had long hair until I was 22 because I needed the Curtain of Sorrow to hide behind in school. Obviously I have more confidence and less emo these days, but really, I still love being all wrapped up in fabric.

In fact, until very recently, I practically lived in a huge black sweatshirt I stole from my husband. Sometimes when I’m having a really bad day, I get it out. I also drag it on airplane flights so I can cry in it and panic in the comfort of soft, worn cotton.

Fall weather means sweaters! More jeans! Jackets! Hats! Scarves! Okay, maybe not the hats and scarves as much in Florida. (Sigh.) Last year I finally discovered boots and how they’re awesome and also how they’re really the only way I feel comfortable wearing skinny jeans.

My favorite cool-weather outfit consists of a long-ish tunic top of sorts, some kinds of floopsy sweater or jacket, and tight jeans under slouchy boots.

Actually when it comes down to it, I just want to dress like Legolas. All the time.

Minus his really bad dye job. Blame all the Marion Zimmer Bradley books I read as a child, and all the stories I scribbled about being a forest-dwelling chick-wizard with leggings and bows and arrows and daggers and supple boots. And Clan of the Cave Bear. I bet she had some kickin’ fall fashions.

Here are some things I covet this year:

How about you?

3 comments on “Unabashed Girlishness: Fall Fashions

  1. Stefanie on said:

    I want EVERY SINGLE ONE of those things. I passed on a plaid peacoat about four years ago, choosing a leather coat instead, and I still dream about that damn coat. I know. Therapy.
    Stefanie´s last [type] a lurker


  2. I’m desperate for a pink peacoat. And a new sweater dress is absolutely on my list.
    ~a´s last [type] ..Weekend 3- 1300 miles


  3. The Ranting Mommy on said:

    Clan of the Cave Bear, FTW!!! That photo made me nearly shoot wine outta my nose. Thanks for getting us started!


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