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Privacy Please!

Let’s face it – with two small boys at home I get as much privacy as, say, a fish in a fish bowl. I am SO ready for the day when I can shower in peace and quiet, get dressed in peace and quiet, go to the bathroom alone (ZOMG!) and talk on the telephone without constant interruption and chaos. (On the other hand – when this day finally comes it will mean my babies are not babies anymore and BOO! to that thought!)

So despite the fact that I don’t get to put my underwear on alone there are still a few things that I require privacy for… like I don’t even want Hubs to see me do these things. (And seriously? I got over him watching me pee like when we got married).

They are:

  1. Picking a wedgie – who wants anyone to see you pick fabric out of your butt crack?
  2. Weighing myself – my kids beg me to step on the scale at the grocery store like they do. WHAT. EVER. No. I won’t go near the one we have at home when anyone is in the room.
  3. Using a Netti Pot – while this is just about the best thing EVER for helping stave off sinus infections, colds, etc, I just think it’s way gross for someone to watch me pouring salt water through one nostril and seeing said water and BOOGERS drain out the other side.
  4. Putting on Spanx – do I really need to explain this one? However good the help at smoothing my lines, I have no desire for ANYONE to see the effort I have to go through to, um, control the jiggle.

Is there anything you never want someone to see you doing?

Please share. For real. :)

4 comments on “Privacy Please!

  1. beeyatch. I was totally gonna say spanx.
    Kami´s last [type] ..This Awesome Life


    Colleen Reply:

    hahahahaa! YOU DO NOT NEED SPANX. So BEEYATCH back at ya!

    Colleen´s last [type] ..Fear


    Kami Reply:

    you know not of what you speak. My post is up now.
    Kami´s last [type] ..This Awesome Life


  2. Hahahah I love these.

    1. picking boogers
    2. singing/dancing
    3. grooming my pubes
    4. popping pimples
    Maria´s last [type] ..Eureka


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