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Judging by the massive amounts of stuff (I need to purge) in our house I”d say I”m a big collector. But I don”t *think* I collect a lot of stuff. I just like stuff. Stuff is fun. Cozy. Stuff is therapeutic.

Luckily for my husband shoes is not something on my list of collections. Neither is chotchkies and doodads on shelving.

Things I do seem to buy a lot of:


I love purses and bags. The whole minimalist philosophy of “Do I have something that already serves this purpose? If so I don”t need it” absolutely does not apply. I particularly love colorful bags (Like Vera Bradley) or just plain black. I usually prefer them to have two longer straps or handles. I am not a fan of hipsters personally. I also like backpacks and gym backs and totes. Oh and recycled shopping bags, preferably with bright colors and fun, cute designs.

Lotion & Perfumes & Body Scrubby Concoctions

This is sort of a weird collection. I go all sorts of crazy buying different lotions and stuff from Body Works (ahh Sugar Scrubs!), Bath & Body Works (Pearberry come back to me please!) and Target (Jergens, Tanning Lotions, Calendula creams, whatever smells good at the moment (but NEVER raspberry scents which give me massive headaches)…) And then I use them a lot… and then they sit for a while because I get sick of them. But I like to have them. It”s weird. I know.

Craft Supplies

I was just talking to one of my BFFs tonight about how I am feeling the need to take everything out of my craft bins and inventory it all. I forget what I have and these bins are like 15 years in the making. But seriously? When you get email coupons to JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby that you can print and use at any of these stores because they all accept competitors coupons, and then you stack them on a sale? It”s magic. Complete with glue and glitter and feathers and jagged edged scissors. It”s true. Try it.


I”m gonna say this is partially Et la roulette en ligne est aimee par les fans francais comme elle l’a toujours ete. Hubs” collection (problem) too. We”re geeks. Just to get an idea of the EXTRA stuff we have (aside from the everyday laptops, smartphones, game consoles, HDTVs, storage server schtuff… we have two old computers sitting around waiting for me to jackhammer the harddrives and trash the rest. And we have old PDAs, stereos, speakers, cables (OMG we might need that old conversion cable that worked only on this piece of obsolete equipment from 1997 for a time capsule someday), cell phones, wires, keyboards, mice, yadda yadda, etc. I think we even have an extra VCR, still functional, to go with the one that”s hooked up but never used. Sigh. The problem is this – I can not bring myself to dump all this in to a landfill. But I really don”t care to take the time to sell it in a yard sale because it”s probably not worth my time. I don”t know. So Electronics. We are early adopters of most cool things (you”re welcome for those lower prices later) and that means we lots of old electronics too.

I realize I sound like a hoarder. I am NOT!

What do you collect? Why do you collect them? Are you an impulse buyer or a carefully planned shopper?

Come on! We know you girls are out there reading – so participate and have some fun!

p.s. If at all possible, please head on over to Friends of Maddie today to make a donation for Maddie”s 3rd birthday. That money will help collect a lot of stuff to help families babies in the NICU. And I think that”s a really great thing.

12 comments on “Collections

  1. I wish I could collect electronics! They’re so awesome. I always want the new gadgets when they come out. Weird that raspberry scents give you a headache.

    My favourite body wash is this brown sugar scrub from Avon my mom randomly gave me one time… and then I loved it so much she bought me three more bottles. It’s almost all gone now but hey, at least Christmas is coming up, right? ;)
    Tatiana´s last [type] ..GTT- Collections


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  3. I do have quite the collection of body washes and things under the bathroom counter, but they’re all things given to me as generic gifts. You know, from the people in the family who (unnecessarily!) feel obligated to give you a Christmas gift, but don’t know you at all, so they buy all the women the same bottle of lotion and all the men the same wallet? (Which, oh my gosh, I still appreciate! And that’s why they are all there under the sink, because I am determined to use up every single one!) (Much as my husband has a drawer of wallets he’ll never ever use up.)
    Diane´s last [type] ..I blathered- and lo- it was awesome


  4. MommyGeekology on said:

    haha, bags are a good one, we have a TON of bags around my house. Not crafts though. Crafts are evil.

    I collect Christmas ornaments (new hobby) and those Willow Tree figurines. That’s about it, unless you count digital media… ;-)


    Colleen Reply:

    Um, I should totally have counted digital media in my list. TOTALLY COUNTS!!!
    Colleen´s last [type] ..Bedtime


  5. pamela @vampiresmitten on said:

    Bags! I love bags! Totes especially! I can carry loads of stuff there!
    pamela @vampiresmitten´s last [type] ..Three Years Later… fuckcancer


  6. Chibi Jeebs on said:

    Huh. I never really thought of purses/shoes as a collection, but I would guess Chebbar would argue otherwise… *shifty eyes*

    I seem to end up with a “collection” of beauty/hygiene products – stuff I’ve bought and wasn’t crazy about, stuff that’s been pushed aside for the new thing I *am* crazy about – and once a year I’ll go on a tear and chuck EVERYTHING. This makes me a bad hoarder, doesn’t it?
    Chibi Jeebs´s last [type] ..Girl Talk Thursday- Collectibles


    Beth Reply:

    I was trained early on shoes.

    My great Aunt Merle (don’t you love her name?) had an astounding shoe collection. Hundreds of pairs of shoes. She died when I was twelve. We drove to her funeral because she and my mother wore the same size shoe and she had left my mother her shoe collection — in her will — yes, I know (they were both 7 1/2 narrow — an impossible size to find in most places).

    There were so many boxes of shoes it was insane and at least half of them had never been worn. Never, ever.
    Beth´s last [type] ..Girl Talk Thursday- Collections


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  8. Oh, man. I didn’t think about the hair care graveyard. I don’t really consider it a collection because I try it, it doesn’t work, I stuff it under the sink. Once every ten years or so, I clean it out and get rid of it.


  9. yes. the damned bags. I love them. I have tons. But I recently cut myself off. No more. I’m just cycling through the 1000 I have. (Feel bad for me. Please!)
    Kami´s last [type] ..Hi I’m Kami And I’m A Bookaholic


  10. Brittany on said:

    If I had to collect something I think I would go with one of your choices…bags ^_^. I <3 bags too.

    I tried writing a post to link up,but after looking around I realized something. I don't really have any collections 0_0. Unless you count the rock collection I had as a child that is now used in the fish tank…

    However the Hubs collects Green Lantern memorabilia/action figures. It's all over the living room lol.
    Brittany´s last [type] ..The Invitation


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